A2 Hosting Review 2020 : With all the Pros and Cons Discussed

Please read the post till the end to avail discount on all the hosting plans. In this A2 Hosting Review we will be sharing all the major features related to this hosting provider along with their string as well as week points. A2 Hosting started in the year 2001 with an initial name of Iniquinet. Later on its name was changed to A2 Hosting based on the location from where it was operating Ann Arbor in Michigan, USA. A2 Hosting is known for delivering best speed and customer support. Whether you want to purchase a new plan or you want to migrate your existing site you should consider A2 Hosting as one of the hosting providers. They have plans for various typed of hosting which we will be discussing one by one in this A2 Hosting Review.

Benefits of using A2 Hosting

Ultra fast speed

A2 Hosting Provides a very fast speed as compared to other hosting providers. They have plans which make use of Turbo servers where the claim the speed to the site increases 20 times. Take a look at the following image for A2 Hosting Speed Comparison with all the major hosting providers:

A2 Hosting Speed Comparison

As you can see in the image above the speed to A2Hosting is much better as compared to other hosting companies. So if you have a site where speed is a major factor for driving customers to your business you should consider A2Hosting. Their shared hosting plan are very good as far as speed is considered but if you want to go to next level than you can consider turbo plan where your site will be hosted on much faster servers which allocates more resources to single hosted site to increase the speed.

High Security

They have two major features in their hosting as far as security is concerned HackScan and KernelCare

HackScan is a malware protection tool that runs 24/7 to prevent malware related attacks on your website. 

KernelCare is a software component that regularly updates the kernel without any system reboot or downtime. This ensures that your kernel will be up to date with the latest security features.

Developer Friendly

A2 Hosting provides all the tools required to host your applications built using different technologies. You can select different versions of the latest programming languages being used to develop the application or if you have used any CMS like WordPress or Joomla you can install it with the click of your mouse.

Developer Friendly Hosting

Developer Friendly Hosting A2 Hosting also comes with site builder tools using which any user can create his website without having any programming knowledge.

Website Migration

They provide free website migration with all their plans if you are switching from some other hosting provider. They have a team of experts who will handle this job for you so that you do not face any challenges while transferring your site to A2 Hosting. All of their Shared plans comes with single site migration and Reseller, VPS and Dedicated server plans comes with 25 free migrations. You need to provide them with your existing login credentials for cPanel otherwise they will charge extra for the added work.

Environment Friendly

They have partnered with Carbonfund.org to ensure their servers are Carbon neutral. This feature will not have any affect on the hosting choice but its good to choose a hosting provider that also cares about the environment along other features.

Green Hosting

If you are using A2Hosting that means your website will also be environment friendly by default. All their plans are CDN friendly so to increase the speed of your site you can configure CDN which will place your website on different servers through out the world and when the request comes from a particular region it will be served from the nearest server. Cloudflare is one of the best CDN service providers.

Any time Money Back

They offer anytime money back guarantee through out their plan. During the first 30-days of using their service if you are not satisfied with them than you can claim a full refund of your paid amount but if you are using their services longer than that period of time in that case then will deduct the amount for the time for which you have used their services and refund the remaining amount.

Customer Support

A2 Hosting Customer Support

Cons of A2 Hosting

Before purchasing any hosting plan you should be aware of the cons of hosting plan also.


High speed at high cost

Not all the plans come with same speed you need to pay some extra bucks to enjoy their high speed plans which make use of Turbo servers.

High Renewal Rates

Their renewal rate is not the same as the rate of first time purchase. First purchase will be at discounted price so it is recommender to go for longer period purchase to avail the benefit of discounted price. 

Also you need to take care of the renewal date if you do not want to continue using their service you need to contact them via email at least 15 days before of the renewal date. Otherwise they will renew your plan automatically. They have specified this in their terms of service.

A2 Hosting Plans

Different plans offered by A2 Hosting can be categorized into following:

A2 Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting

Startup plan comes with 100 GB of disk space with 1 Core processor. You will be able to host single site in this plan. Automated backup feature will not be provided in this plan. Free SSL certificate will be provided to make your site SEO friendly by enabling https protocol. 

Drive plan allows you to host unlimited sites with unlimited space and bandwidth with 2 CPU cores. It also includes all the features of Startup plan. You will also get backup support in this plan. 

Turbo BOOST plan is one of the most popular plan which allows you to host unlimited sites but in this plan the disk space that will be used to host your site will not be on SSD drives. They will be using NVMe storage drives which has high read/write efficiency. Also your site will be hosted on Turbo servers which are much faster as compared to normal servers because the number of resources allocated to your website will be more in this case and total number of sites hosted on single server will be less. You will also get all the basic features included in Drive plan. 

Turbo MAX plan comes with all the features given in Turbo BOOST plan along with 4GB RAM and 4 Core processor.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Server is provided when a single server is divided in to small separate servers and you will have full control of that server where you can host your website. In this hosting you will not be sharing the resources with other users who host there site on the same server. It also comes in two flavors either Managed or Unmanaged. In Managed hosting the server management will be done by their team so that you do not need to worry about any technical knowledge. Unmanaged VPS plan is generally used by developers who want complete control of their server. In case of Unmanaged VPS hosting you will get Root access to the server but in case of Managed VPS hosting you will get access to cpanel.

Reseller Hosting

In this hosting you purchase the plan which you can sell in parts further to your clients. This plan is generally used by agencies who develop web sites for their clients. You will earn some extra cash from your client for hosting their site to live servers.
A2 Reseller hosting

Dedicated Server

In this hosting you will get dedicated server which is somewhat similar to VPS but single server will be dedicated to you and its resources will not be shared as done in VPS servers. This plan is created for sites with very high monthly volume of traffic. Large ecommerce shops good candidates for a dedicated server, since the server resources like bandwidth, RAM, storage, and CPU output won’t be shared with any other sites.

Dedicated Server Hosting

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