SiteGround Hosting Review 2020

In this Siteground Hosting Review we will provide you with all the information required before you male a purchase of any hosting plan. Along with that we will also provide you a discount link to their hosting plans.

SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review
SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review

Siteground has been started in 2004 and is based out in Sofia,Bulgaria. They have employee strength of more than 400 people working across different locations.

Siteground Server Locations

Siteground Data Centers are located across different continents of the globe so that we can choose our data center that is more close to our target audience so that the load time of the web site is as fast as possible.
Currently Siteground has their servers located in following regions:

  • Chicago, USA
  • London, UK
  • Amsterdam, Neitherlands
  • Singapore
Siteground Data Centres - SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review
Siteground Data Centers

Siteground Shared hosting performance

Siteground is using Google Cloud under the hood for hosting their sites. Directly purchasing from these cloud providers will cost you much higher but if you purchase from Siteground the cost will be almost negligible.
Because of their inbuilt caching mechanism in which the data get cached in the servers RAM memory and served faster due to which the response time of the site will be very less which is one of the crucial factors in making your site successful among the audience. They have developed an in house caching plugin SG Supercacher for this purpose.

Siteground Caching Plugin - SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review
Siteground Caching Plugin

Faster loading sites are ranked higher in google and also the bounce rate of such sites is comparatively low. Because of Google Cloud and In built caching mechanism their loading time or response time is very less.

Siteground Response Time - SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review
Siteground Response Time

The other factors that they have implemented for increasing the site speed are:
CDN Support – We can implement CDN support on our web sites which cached our static files through out the servers around the world so that those files can be served to the end user faster from the nearest server
SSD Hard Drives – SSD hard drives are much faster as compared to other hard drives like HDD.

Security Features

For security of the Website they provide Website Isolation due to which if one site is affected by some attack on the internet it will not affect other sites that are hosted on the same server in Shared hosting plan.

Siteground Security - SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review
Website Isolation

SSL Support

Another feature of security is SSL Support. We can enable SSL support so that all the requests coming to our sites will be redirected automatically to HTTPS. Difference between HTTP and HTTPS is that all the data transfer that takes place via HTTPS will be encrypted and secure.

Secure sites is also one of the major ranking factor for Search engines like google.

Site Uptime

They offer 99.99% uptime for the websites to ensure that the user never had bad experience when visiting the site. They have a service level agreement according to which they promise to offer your free month the the uptime drops by a certain percent.

Siteground Hosting Uptime - SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review
Siteground Uptime

Siteground Sharedhosting Plans

Siteground offers several plans for their customers in shared hosting which varies by the size of disk space and bandwidth of the site. I would recommend you to go by GrowBig plan as it is one of the most liked plan by their customers which offers you to host more that one site as well as a very high disk space of 20 GB which will meet all your data needs that you are going to upload to your site. Also their initial plans come with a discount so i recommend you to go for 3-Years payment while you purchase the plan so that the renewal price becomes active after three years which is almost three times of the first purchase.

Siteground SharedHosting Plans - SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review
Siteground SharedHosting Plans

If you have an existing site than they will offer free migration service for the first web site. Their migration experts can migrate your site with database to their servers in a very short time period of five to six hours.

Customer SupportĀ 

Siteground Customer support can be availed via raising tickets, phone call or live chat. Their response time is also very less to provide you the best satisfaction in case you are facing any issues with your site.

Daily BackUps

They also provide free daily backups which can be restored using the admin panel and select the date from you want to restore your site.

Siteground Backup - SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review
Siteground Backup

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We hope that this article has given you enough information before purchasing the hosting so that you do not make a wrong decision while selecting the hosting company.